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are jumping on it very >> small businesses in the d.c. area are being audited. -- happy tax day to you, linda. if you are a small business owner in d.c., you should learn a little bit more. the associated press says that areonstruction companies confirmed to fetch the numbers. companies are looking to give you a break. if you have a sweet tooth, one company is -- if you want something more, emile, -- brating a do check the website for details. checking your 20 -- checking your facebook 20 times a day could cost you your job. those stories and more coming up in the next hour. i can spell the cinnamon bun already. a look at the average gas prices aro >> welcome back. monday morning. we are requesting that jacqui jeras replicate the weather we had yesterday. >> i would not count on that. that is asking a lot. but you can deliver. >> this week will be a lot more unsettled overall. more opportunities over the next five days or so of getting some rainfall. we actually need it. this will help the air and will help things grow for spring. and is somewhat welcomed it's only for the first half of the d
in a few spots. temperatures in the 50's. 57 in d.c.'s today, we will continue to have an unsettled week with a lot of opportunities for a few showers. temperatures will be above average the next several days. we should top 70 in this afternoon. cooldown expected by the weekend. more details on that in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. now, let's check on traffic with jamee. >> mostly quiet. utility work in the weeds and area of maryland, georgia avenue at university boulevard, a couple lanes blocked. light volume. pennsylvania avenue, woodyard road, overnight construction. nih, on thea near southbound side, one lane getting by. in light volume. road eachcanal direction between arizona and the chain bridge. that should be done by 5:00. we are good on va 95 up to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. inwant to get to new details monday's deadly bombing at the boston marathon. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. >> massachusetts state police will only tell us that a search warrant related to the investigation has been served. tahman bradley has a
force worshipers to hold mass at a different location. one d.c. councilman is looking to put an end to the cheating scandals running city schools. reopening their years old widespread cheating investigation would be counterproductive in he says the city would be sit -- would be better served by looking ahead. this past week, school officials knew of the allegations as early as 2009. a hearing is coming up to tighten test security. >> e-house went went up in flames and unveil -- in glendale maryland. fire apparently was started on the first floor and quickly shut red. it took firefighters -- and quickly spread. it took firefighters a noun a have to put the fire and -- an hour and a half to put the fire under control. to childrented trapped in a storm drain. rescue crews were called around 6:45 p.m. this evening. they searched several hundred yards of the drainage system, but they did not find anyone inside. they have no reason to believe that any children are missing tonight. toas the senate gets ready vote on gun control legislation, some people to do -- took to the tree -- some peo
in boston, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> thank you, randall. >>> washington, d.c. along with other u.s. cities have increased their security after yesterday's attack. part of new york's laguardia airport has been evacuated due to a report of a suspicious package. here locally, d.c. police have increased their patrols along today's emancipation day parade. our bruce johnson is standing by. he's in northwest washington. he has more information on that part of the story. bruce? >> reporter: jc, we're in the middle of pennsylvania avenue northwest. talked to the mayor a short time ago. he says there have been no incidents. he's excited about the size of this crowd. it's emancipation day in d.c. recognizing, commemorating what happened here back in 1862, some 3,000 slaves, african- americans were freed by abraham lincoln. that was before the emancipation proclamation. behind me a group of distinguished men. talk to me first about boston and this being the nation's capital, you know this could also be a target. what are your thoughts? >> first of all, the brothers of the fraternity want to
're going to find heightened security around d.c. land marks today at freedom plaz disark the e-- freedom plaza. the emancipation day parade is on later today. use metro to get into the downtown area and over to the parade later this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> as we speak, sections of downtown boston remain closed while investigators search for more clues related to yesterday's bombings. >> overnight federal acts from the f.b.i. -- agents from the f.b.i., homeland security and a list of other agencies conducted searches of some nearby buildings looking for clues and possible suspects. three people, including an 8- year-old boy, were killed in the explosions. more than a hundred other people are injured. >> the explosions went off about 15 seconds apart and were about 100 yards from each other. more than a dozen people remain hospitalized in critical condition. president obama vowed to find those responsible for the bombings and to bring them to justice. the president never mentioned the word terrorism but the fbi is treating the explosions as a terror act. no group so fa
ended. that's the area where the bombs went off yesterday. there were a number of folks from the d.c. area around when that happened. spirit video from yesterday. there were hundreds of runners from the d.c. area, from northern virginia, maryland, the district, who had finished by this stage or in the process of finishing. fortunately, we have not heard of any injuries from folks in this area. we spoke last night to a member of a, montgomery county road runners. dan lives in rockville. he had finished a while before the bombs went off and he was in a bar block and a half away when he heard what happened. some members of his group or nearby. he said you cannot imagine what this race means to runners anti worries now it will never be the same again. >> it is the last thing you expect. this is the super bowl of everything we do have to do with running. this is the world series of our event. people spend their entire lives trying to qualify for this event, they spend the entire year training after they do qualify. an important in the grand scheme of things. -- unimportant. >> you are loo
in the district. this is a picture of flames tweeted by d.c. firefighters. the fire breaking out this afternoon at a home on 50th street in northeast. that's where darcy spencer joins us with reaction from the family of the two victims. >> reporter: we have a lot of new information, jim, in the last few minutes. d.c. fire officials don't rule out the possibility this could have been an arson. i was told an arson detection dog went into the second story bedroom, that's where the fire started here on 50th street here this afternoon, and the dog hit on two separate areas inside that bedroom. the hit was for petroleum product. again, more testing is going to have to be conducted to confirm, but that's the direction authorities are going with the investigation. this could have been an active arson. also, d.c. police confirm they're looking for someone that was in the house apparently when the fire started, with a 13-year-old girl, and was seen running from the house. let's look at a photo taken by a neighbor that lives across the street, and she saw the smoke and flames coming from the house around
to work tomorrow, an isolated chance of shower for those of you living south of d.c. right now, we are looking at a temperature of 60 degrees. cloudy skies for the most part across the area. acting as a blanket to keep some of the daytime heat in. our overnight lows are not going to be as cold as they have been. here is your day planner for tomorrow. on your monday. and that threat of an isolated shower between 7 and 10:00 m a. 7:00 a.m., at 55 degrees. a spring jacket for tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. 61. breezy during the afternoon. mainly cloudy skies. notice no chance of rain at that point. coming of in a little bit. a look ahead to the next seven days for. now, jim, back to you. >> we'll see you then. new video of a house fire that took several departments to bring under control in glendale, maryland. this fire broke out at the home on glenwood drive around 2:00 this afternoon. prince george's county fire officials say it started on the first floor and then spread up to the attic. it took a half-hour to put out the flames. nobody was hurt. but officials say the fire did about $150,000
but a handful of runners were at the finish line. >> more than a thousand runners from the d.c. area alone ran in the marathon this year. they're now trying to make their way home. jessica doyle is live at reagan national airport this morning as we wait for more of them to arrive, jess? >> reporter: thanks so much, mike. good morning you to, andrea. good morning to everybody at hope. you can only imagine what it must have been like to be on the scene when those two explosions went off and in the aftermath, the raw emotions that those runners were feeling, the friends and family who had surrounded them for their triumph fans day. -- triumphant day. a large presence is registered for the race in boston. let me throw some numbers at you. 450 people from maryland, 170 people from d.c., 650 people from the northern virginia area, all running yesterday, all training for months for that triumphant day. instead they were greeted by horror and our ken molestina was here at reagan national last night. he was able to talk to some of the people who were getting off the planes from boston, the shunts comin
in the race, 171 from dc, 654 people from northern virginia were at this race again we caught up with some of them as they came home tonight their stories truly tell, how hellish it was out there today. >> it was loud and all of a sudden you heard the two explosions and it got silent. so you know, people were looking around no body knew what was going on next thing you know emergency response going by. >> the explosion came up over their headthrough them, and just amazing, to know that that was an explosion you are looking at the aftermath of it,. >> i was in the hotel room and my friend started calling me, everyone from all over the country are you okay? are you okay? >> i was around the corner when it happened but it was frightening there was a lot of chaos. no one could find each other. people were meeting up but couldn't find your person. scary. >> a lot of work and time and dedication put into going and doing that run and now, the only thing people are going to think of is the explosions and some of the runners didn't get to finish. who've was behind those explosions there were thousa
in from the south and west. these clouds are part of the system that should remain south of the d.c. metro area. we may see a few spotty showers later on tonight. no problem for this evening, if you have outdoor dining plan, 55-63 degrees. coming up, talk about the chances for hitting 80 degrees again in the seven-day outlook. >> all right, thank you. with the senate poised to start a debate on a major gun control debate supporters spoke out today. dozens of people rallied outside of the n.r.a.'s headquarters. that is in fairfax. they want to end gun violence and protesters began these monthly demonstrations in response to the newtown school shooting. they want congress to act and put more restrictions in place. >> the senators expressed their views on the sunday morning talk shows today. marco rubio says he will not support the new proposals. >> they are highly ineffective to protect the right of law-abiding citizens that the second amendment gaurpts and they are ineffective of keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. >> the bill before the senate would strengthen background
experts gathering in d.c. today to talk about the aftermath of the bombings. the police chief says it is key to figuring out when people cross the line from radicalism to extremism like what happened in boston. >>> and washington, d.c., not that long ago was the -- considered the murder capital of the world. we had 500 murders a year when i started here. in the last four years we reduced homicide by 56%. and i can tell you how we did it. intelligence. >> chief lanier says that officers did stop one person on sunday during the marathon, and that person was carrying two backpacks. turns out the man was a member of the media. >>> for the first time ever, backpacks and duffle bags will not be allowed on the infield at the preakness race. that was changed after the boston bombings. only clear liquids will be allowed. the race is on the 18th, more than 800,000 people attend the event every year. >>> and april is almost out of here. hopefully, april showers will exit as well. doug, what do you think? >> april showers bring may flowers. that is what is happening today. today is april 30th.
. hous >>> while today is emancipationi day, the parade recognizing that d.c. holiday will go on scheduled. >> it will begin at 7:00 a.m. and mayor vincent gray, and police chief kathy lanier say sy that extra police measures arecs already in place. plac >> we leave that we are well prepared to defend the 632,000 0 people that live here and theand many thousands of people who visit the city at this time of the year. >> for washington d.c. because we have so many event here anded because this is the nation's capital, the combination of law enforcement resources here, united states state park he police, metro transit police and all ofan our partners around hee working so closely together.toge we have a lot of assets and resources here and everythingevg that needs to be in place is inn place. >> the u.s. is not the only only country beaching u beefing up sy extra patrols will be on hand tort funeral of the martha thatcher. and they are also reviewing reve security plans for sunday's london marathon. >>> california congressman darrell, called on the house of chamber to recognize t
thursday's tests should be back in two weeks. >>> right now in washington, d.c. thousands of people are gathering for tomorrow's big immigration rally. the group includes several farm workers and students from california. in fact, the march will include groups from nearly every state in the nation. many of those participating say they were brought to the united states as children and don't know any other home. >> i've been living here for half of my life. i feel from here. it's not that we want to take things away like people say. we want to give the u.s. something. >> you can't have a country where so many people are leaving in fear. we need to straighten this out. >> a group of senators known as the gang of eight say to be putting final touches on a compromise immigration bill that is expected to include the path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers. it could be unveiled on thursday. >>> poaching californians. that's what the governors hope to do on thursday, republican gary herbert and republican bob mcdonnell are stopping in silicon valley, orange county and san f
, bienvenidos ha esta ediciÓn especial de la ediciÓn nocturna desde washington dc con motivo de la presencia de miles de inmigrantes muchos de ellos la mayorÍa diria yo indocumentados actividades que lo caacompaÑaro que llegaron hasta washington que expresar de cerca su entusiasmo por una reforma migratoria y tambiÉn u y idea que esta es una necesidad llegaron desde todos los reuniones cons del paÍs y se juntaron en la explanada oeste frente al capitolio ahÍ estuvo lourdes. >>> a los pieles del capitolio miles de personas de mÁs de 30 estados presionaron al congreso para impulsar una reforma migratoria que regular legalice millones de indocumentados. >>> quisiera poder ayudarlos en su educaciÓn. >>> pasen una reforma migratoria porque no es justo que tantas familia estÉn viviendo separadas tantas deportaciones y separaciÓn familiar necesitamos una referencia mil. >>> andy * confesÓ que conoce su situaciÓn. >>> durÉ aquÍ diez aÑos siendo ilegal tambiÉn, siendo indocumentado vivÍa sufri en carne propia la angustia que se vive sin tener documentos en este paÍs. >>> un grupo de dre
on a chase that ended in a spectacular crash. a crash that left a d.c. cop injured. >>> montgomery county police say multiple suspects took over the store in chevy chase. then conducted a smash and grab jewelry heist. >> no weapons used in this case. but by their number and physical presence and their aggressive actions, there were four employees in the store. the employees followed protocall, were compliant with their demands. >> inside the d.c. line, mpd took out the suspect's trail and that pursuit ended here, in a spectacular crash across town at martin luther king avenue in southwest. witnesses say the police cruiser smashed into a neighborhood vehicle, which then hit a second parked car. >> they made that left and came up hailey and police car hit your son's car? >> it hit my son's car. she went on up and some kind of way, he had turned around. i don't know what else he hit. >> the police officer has been described only as a sergeant? the police district. x-rays came back negative. nonlife threatening injuries. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> peop
and there have been sharp shooters on the roof of the white house. brian. >> d.c.'s mayor and police chief talked about what's being done to protect the nation's capital. lauren demarco with more. >> flags at the u.s. capitol flying at half-staff. sympathies going out from the nation and from the district all of those impacted by the tragedy in boston and today mayor gray did assemble the city's security team to address security concerns here in the nation's capital and what was being done as a precaution. >> first of all i want to send out our thoughts and prayers to the people of boston. >> mayor vincent gray offering to provide any assistance that the city of boston may need while also stating that d.c. is at the ready. >> we believe that we're well-prepared to be able to defend the 600 32,000 people who live here and the many thousands who visit the city especially during this time of the year -- >> d dr. police are on heightened alert and metro transit police have officers on patrol throughout the system -- d.c. >> there were a lot of police there. as we walked to the tidal basin, there wer
and sequestration hitting the streets of d.c. now. >> this missoni is the latest institution to feel the pinch from the sweeping cuts. -- the smithsonian is the latest. brianne carter reports. >> sequestration is creating change and some of the most popular tourist attractions along the national mall. >> that would be frustrating. >> the smithsonian starting tomorrow will close galleries at the three museums. it will close the comments area -- the commons. and the african mosaic exhibits will be partially closed. close some of the galleries on the third floor. the much everything around. budget part of mandatory cuts. smithsonian officials already cut back on employee travel and training and deferred unnecessary maintenance. now the cuts have forced a reduction in the security contract. >> this affects everybody. >> while it's inconvenient, it will not impact this mantra much. -- this man's trip. >> [indiscernible]. >> these exhibits will remain closed until september 30. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> president obama marks and 100 days of his second term with a press conference at the white house.
the friends did manage to get way safely -- shortly. carolyn was stunned but feels okay here in d.c. >> we assumed they stepped up security because of the incident in boston. >> are you afraid to be out here? >> no. i feel like it's probably one of the safer places with all the security and police presence. >> what are they trying to do? what is their message? because it's certainly not questions -- getting across to me. >> most people seemed upset about the bombings. not everyone was okay with being banned from being in front of the white house. >> it's a hours the the people. why can't we walk up to see the house? you got snipers on the roof, nobody is going to climb the gate. >> sometimes people climb that gate. >> i wouldn't climb that gate. >> security was heightened at prominent hotels. back out here some flights have arrived here at reagan national from boston. we'll have more reaction to the explosion shins and more on security here at the airport on the edge at 11:00. >> shawn, back to you. >> karen, thank you. >> tonight dc's mayor and police chief talked about what is being don
. as we reported washington, d.c. is on high alert and a huge area around the white house is cordoned off. no one can get there. what are you hearing as far as other cities and security? >> reporter: security is being beefed up of course around boston and other major cities around the country and the world as well. so folks here are being told to be on heightened alert. governor de value pat -- deval patrick asked every citizen to be aware. in other cities, heightened security there. several events here are being canceled. celtics game and other events,. some schools being canceled. the berkley school of music is closed today. the london marathon is coming up. london is reviewing its security plans. this this is something that is having a worldwide impact. this remains an active crime scene. we're about three blocks in front of where the two explosions happened at the finish line ever the boston marathon. the police have blockaded about a three to five block radius around that. it's a very, very tedious all night search of garbage cans and gutters and alleys looking for any signs of possi
extra hours r or shifts that may have been ordered but so far none of that, d.c. emancipation day parade iss due to start at 11:00 along pennsylvania avenue, it goes from third street to freedom plaza. police chief saying there's no information that would suggest a threat in d.c. for today's festivities. able to defendthat we're well the 632,000 people who live hee and the many thousands of people who visit the city. city >> come downen and joy thewnen y event. we have a strong sture key plan in place. in p we are the nation's capital. we do that on a regular basis. a we will have enhanced security that some will, some will not be visible to the people who come down. i want people to take public transportation, come and enjoy yourself. we feel very comfortable it'sryc going to be a safe event. >> reporter: d.c. police poli along with transit police are ae asking people to be alert to report any unusual behavior oror suspicious activity. tony and sarah. >> melanie, thank you very much >>> we want to keep you alerted with metro who went on high on alert after the bombings of of boston. w
above d.c. today, perhaps an omen of things to come from a tourism standpoint. after what has been a banner couple of years for tourism, budget cuts, construction, and congress are now putting a damper on visits for many tourists. >> oh, how sad. >> in large part, because of sequestration. tomorrow, the smithsonian begins at shutting down three buildings through the end of september. among the the other sequestered locations this family was planning on visiting. >> we were frustrated with that. >> the national archives is operating on shorter than usual spring and summer hours. and while it is not sequestered related, the washington monument is wrapped in scaffolding and cordoned off, only adding to that sense of what -- of on loch ness. welcomness. >> we come here to see so many things and now we have less time to see it all. >> officials say with so much to seek a michael not hurt tourism to the town. -- so much to see, it will not hurt tourism in the town. >> the reality is that he will still be able to enjoy the city. do.nd officials not that there are dozens of other galleries
.c. region in this race yesterday. -- from the d.c. region. they told us what they saw through their eyes. >> of the summers on boston today, it had become a virtual police state. officers and the national guard were everywhere. it was obvious the law- enforcement meant business. things were so different than how yesterday began. she is a rabbi in cherry chase and thrilled to be running the race a second time. she finished and wanted to go back to watch other spanish. >> i was walking towards the finish line when it happened. i had not made it very far when i heard the first boom. >> she was in a crowd of runners who had finished. thereyou seconds later, was a second. >> it was like two planes hitting on 9/11. when you hear the second one, that's when you know it is something out of the ordinary. >> no one knew what was happening in no one could conceive it was something that terrible. >> husband was awaiting not far away, growing increasingly worried. finally, he saw her. >> i said, i think something really terrible just happened. >> even in the middle of the tragedy, they saw the best i
is that the d.c. area is at a high tenned state of alert. today president obama isident os expected to address the nation at 6:10. at 6 we continue with our boston affiliate. >>> it's patriots day pri pri 15th. patriots pat day. we have seen a number of explosions, fefer several of th. the question is who is behind these attacks. attack that is something we're tryingng to help you figure out. out. that is something we are trying to figure out. figure we can tell you that thethat governor and law enforcementenfn officials are saying stay home.e stay out of crowds and they're e not kidding, and there's a goodd reason for that.. we know they're investigating an number of devices along the e marathon route, nothing nothin confirmed there. the. these pictures tell the story, , there's no confirmation neededod when you look at the smoke. smok i happened to be right there att the finish line. line. i heard an explosion, i turnedot around and that is what i saw. i tell you when you have peoplep ten deep, families, mothers,ers, fathers, grandparents looking lg for loved ones to come in and ad you turn
at home d.c. is also on heightened alert tonight. so don't bother driving near the white house. the streets are shut down. metro riders will also notice extra security tonight. right now mayor gray and the police chief are about to hold a news conference and bruce johnson is live from the wilson building with the latest on what's happening in our town right now. >> reporter: all eyes now on downtown washington. we're in the john wilson building, the seat of local government. just want to paint a scene for you, a couple miles to the east that way, the capitol right there, a few blocks the white house. all around this area within a couple miles you've got lots of federal office buildings and millions and millions by day federal local office workers not to mention the tourists. you can see the podium behind me and just about every department head who has anything to do with a safe and secure way of life in this city will be here to tell us what this heightened level of security means. it was declared almost immediately after the explosions in boston. you can see the security thro
, a d.c. police officer spotted the car and tried to pull the suspects over but they got away. that officer lost control of his car during the chase. he crashed his cruiser on martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast. the officer was rushed to a hospital. he is expected to be okay. detectives continue to investigate the robbery in chevy chase. >> this remains a safe area, and when a crime like this occurs, people should be shocked. >> reporter: now, police are asking for your help. they say if you see the black dodge charger it has a virginia tag on the front, an illinois tag on the back. they want you to call with any information you have. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you how police got here so fast and how they hope that surveillance video could crack the case. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4. >>> and the robbery there at the chevy chase is just the latest of a string of smash-and-grab in our region. recently, men let off pepper spray in downtown maryland, smashing a display case and grabbing items. that same month a group of marked men also hit up the zales at pent
, a black gluferte d.c. e talked about the party outreach to young people and minorities. his is about 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i would like to thank the president and the faculty and the students letting me come today. people ask me are you nervous about speaking at the university, some of the students may be democrats? y response is the trip will be a success if i can get the hilltop to have a headline that ays a republican came to howard but he came in peace. my wife asked me last week, she said do you have doubts, do you have doubts about trying to advance a message for an entire country? the truth is sometimes. when i do have doubts i think f a line from t.s. elliott. a line that says how should i presume to spit out the butt ends of my ways. when i think of how political enemies twist my ways i think of those words, when i'm pinned on the wall how shall i presume? here i am at howard, a guy who once presumed to discuss the civil rights act. some people say i'm brave or crazy to be here today. i'm not one to watch the world go by. i wake up every day hoping to
, and it runs on dc power. this was from a time before elevators ran on ac power. >> when did they switch? >> decided to switch in the 1920's, so this elevator predicts that by about 19 years. the doors are also manual, so this elevator predates the use of automatic doors on elevators. >> can we take a ride? >> absolutely. going down. >> how many troops do you think this elevator has taken in its lifetime? millions. >> yes, this one probably has. certainly hundreds of thousands. >> very smooth. >> it really does run smoothly. >> there we go. take some serious operation. there we go. >> this is really beautiful. >> this is served by that old elevator we were just in. >> built at the same time, also in 1913. >> what a gorgeous room. i think we should have a party here. >> that is a great idea. >> let's look at the machine room for that old elevator. >> ok, let's go. >> here we are in the machine room with all these wonderful, old, a burly, industrial-era equipment. tell us what we've got here. >> this is really the beginning of a modern elevator. what we would describe as an overhead tracti
. >>> authorities in wawrkt are on -- washington, d.c. are on high alert this hour after a series of threats involving the poison ricin. one letter was sent to president obama. another to a u.s. senator. this morning a suspicious package trigger add lockdown on capitol hill. scott mcfarland joins us now with word the lockdown has now been lifted. scott? >> reporter: just a short while ago, janet, not just a suspicious package but two suspicious letters tested as well, -- letters as well, all tested, all cleared. police officers and explosive sniffing dogs outside and inside the entrances on capitol hill. you can also see a hazardous materials truck there. lights flashing near the u.s. senate russell building. the third floor of the building locked down for a while today, including a hallway with the offices of pennsylvania democratic senator bob casey. >> there was a letter on this floor that was delivered that apparently is no longer a concern about, but in the interest of being careful, they shut down a corridor. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, two other letters have reportedly tested p
store. >>> d.c. remains on high alert following yesterday's terror bombings at the boston marathon but this city went ahead with today's emancipation day parade as planned. >> reporter: this is bruise bruce johnson in downtown washington. city on high alert, no incidents. it's a city holiday, time for family, food and a parade. one day after the boston marathon attack, d.c. residents and visitors turned out to commemorate emancipation day 1863. that's when president lincoln abolished slavery in d.c. talk of boston, thoughts of the explosion victims and a possible attack here were everywhere today. >> i know security is very good in washington, d.c., and the parade must go on and the celebration cannot stop. >> this is a city that is resilient. we are ready. it's very unfortunate, a tragic situation that happened in boston yesterday. >> reporter: the emancipation day activities continue through tonight, 8:45 this evening a fireworks display. this is bruce johnson reporting from downtown washington for wusa 9. >>> still ahead, why the critics are already criticizing a bipartisan plan
rival d.c. high schools going to war against each other in gallery place metro. the cell phone video was obtained by wusa9. it was actually taken last friday. turns out, police arrested six people after all this. the principals say the schools are working with the d.c. police and the metro to ensure students stay safe and to make sure everybody involved in all this is held accountable. >>> today, the wife of a capitol hill man who was brutally beaten and left for dead. tonight, that suspect's fate is in the hands of a jury. >> i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court where jurors have just gone home for the day after beginning, beginning deliberations in the fate of tommy branch. he is the man accused of smashing a young father, d.c.maslin, in the head with an alumbar numb baseball bat during a robbery on capitol hill last summer. now prosecutors relied on the testimony of one of the alleged cospiritors. he saw tommy branch hit maslin in the back of the head. the injuries were to the side of maslin's head and the defense seized on that, saying if moore was wrong about that e the juro
speaking arabic caused concern among the passengers on the flight. on the flight here at washington d.c. security securi measures have been ramped up up after the boston explosion.expl today marks the anniversary of the emancipation day. da a large celebration including a parade that brought out thousands of people andand authorities are keeping a close ose eye on that event as you can can imagine. matt at freedom plaza with morewithore on that. matt. >> reporter: understand plea, unde a lostrstand folks who came out here to enjoy this event today were feeling uneasy.g uneasy. the reason why, there weree thousands of people at free dam plaza at one point. people are uneasey of being in being crowds and another told us they were not let what let happened in boston to concernern them one bit. the mayor and police chief chief decided this was a big event andt and they wanted to have extra security in place today.ty >> reporter: as ithen 101st anniversary of emancipation day is sell celebrated in the district, dist it's hard for some to forget those who lost so much in boston boston
d.c. line, the suspect entered the cartier store and focused ou the expensive merchandise inside. >> multiple suspects entered the cartier jewelliers, and smashed display case and took property. >> reporter: no weapon wasapons seen in employees were hurt. montgomery police were nearbyney possibly working security at a nearby store.stor the suspects jumped in a late model dodge charger and drove away. >> the whole crime took less than one minute. >> reporter: later in the district, a d.c. police sergeant spotted the charger and gave chase, but lost the suspects after striking a parked car. meanwhile this robbery does have similarities to other crimes inn our area recently. re remember this robbery at a watc store in arlington county. several suspects sperred thespec store and smashed the display kisses with a hammer. haer. >> detectives will be lookingve inside ofwi montgomery county ad also around the beltway for like crimes. >> reporter: all right, backbak outside, we are told there were surveillance video of this, butt authorities tonight are not ready to release that video.
alexandria,alexani getting a little bit of rain, r, southwest t.c d.c., and toward t royal, and that will be working toward the washington area. area bottom line rainshowers in the e forecast. most of should be fairly light y for the morning hours, we will l start to dry out. hear your temperatures, leavinga thetu nationally currently,tly, 58 degrees, and bwi marshall, and a few showers around earlyry and mostly cloudy this afternoon with the highs in the mid-totheo upper 60s that is where iter should be for april the 5th. >> it's a ver -- 15th. >> it is, big old tax day; good luck with that.ith >>> we got a little bit of rain out there. >> we're going to need a lot today. it's quite busy. qui wete do have problems to report for those continuing along i-95, this is where we have problems.b our maps locked on us for some strange reason. we do have accident activity northbound approaching for business, 234, humphries, thathu ismp where we had the accident tying up the two lanes, now inn the backup, there's another crash. quantico tying up the right side of the road. road let'
. does early education really make a difference? seeing the results every day. >>> d.c. design house is open. we'll take a look inside. >>> what's hot on people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. >>> president obama's budget includes the biggest expansion of early childhood education since head start was launched nearly 50 years ago now. the plan sets aside millions for a neufeld partnership to create slots for all new modern and low-income. importance of early childhood education. welco welcome. >> thank you. >> also behind us we welcome the rockn railroad band who will show us w
.eft >> another candidate from the 2010 d.c. mayoral campaign says he was pressured to quit. the reports leo alexander says mayor vincent gray urged him to drop outut before the democratic primary. he claims gray told him to talk with jean harris, a degree supporter admitted she was part ofitte an illegal shadow campai. alexander had a meeting with w harris and another with gray.y. despite saying he was deeply indebt did he not ask nor was he offered any money to leave the race. there are new developments in the search for a missing fair fax county boy. detectives say they have reason to be concerned for thehey five-year-old's welfare.fare melanie joins us live from police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. melanie? >> sarah it's been 15 days since cameron's father has seen him and now police say he was spotted along with his mother at the birmingham, alabama, airpora on they believe that she flew there from bwi.. now the f.b.i. has stepped in charging the mother with felony parental abduction. cameron's picture is posted ont the national center fo
para washington dc" silvana quiroz univision washington "la calle pensilvania, no han sacado a las personas y esta cerrada bajo "lock down" o alerta" asÍ fue que calles aledaÑas a la casa blanca fueron cerradas y permanecieron en alerta. policÍas y agentes del servicio secreto se desplegaron a lo largo y ancho de la ciudad elvira turista venezolana "con todas las medidas de seguridad y todo y todo cerrado tenemos que esperara y hoy es nuestro ultimo día aquí y pues todo esta cerrado las calles y la policía por todos lados y la verdad estamos un poco consternados con lo que esta pasando" javier turista panameño "preocupación porque ahora estamos de vacaciones aquí y la que venia teníamos que estar en boston y pues bueno nada solo precaución antes cualquier sospecha o cualquier persona que pueda llamar la atención no" metro tambiÉn tomo medidas de precauciÓn enviando a mas guardias de seguridad y recordando a los residentes del Área metropolitana que deben denunciar cualquier acto sospechosocathy lanier comandante de policía metropolitana "policía de parques de los
and culpeper. temperatures still pretty good. the cloud at night to keep us warm. 58 degrees in d.c., $57, 54 in gaithersburg and culpeper. weekve a more unsettled ahead with more opportunities of rainfall. i will tell you when, coming up in a few minutes, from the belfort furniture weather center. now, jamee? >> there's wet pavement for the rush hour. leave a little extra time and be careful. quiet right now. an easy start for the workweek. coming across the 14th street bridge with notables on 395. 95, it's nice between fredericksburg and the beltway. looking good in each direction. northeast d.c. has a water main break closing west virginia avenue and mt. olivet rd. near new york avenue in northeast d.c. because of bad water main break. belle glade lanes are open past connecticut avenue. good morning. -- the beltway lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. we continue to monitor north korea. the u.s. and other countries are watching to see if north korea will go through with threats to launch a missile. >> john gonzalez has been following developments from the satellite center. >> the u.s
than ever led me to a young man who lives in washington, dc, where he teaches literature and writing at american university. his name is kyle dargan, and he wrote this poem, "a house divided", it begins, "on a railroad car in your america." >> in your america, blood pulses within the fields, slow-poaching a mill saw's buried flesh. in my america, my father awakens again thankful that my face is not the face returning his glare from above 11 o'clock news murder headlines. in his imagination, the odds are just as convincing that i would be posted on a corner pushing powder instead of poems. no reflection of him as a father nor me as a son. we were merely born in a city where the rues beyond our doors were the streets that shanghaied souls. to you, my america appears distant, if even real at all. while you are barely visible to me. yet we continue stealing glances at each other from across the tattered hallways of this overgrown house we call a nation. >>> i mean in washington, dc, where i live, you know, i wake up in southeast dc where the unemployment rate, it's around 22%. and i go a
bombs went off near the finish line. >> tonight here in the d.c. area, local police are stepping up patrols and are on heightened alert. we have live team coverage. >>> good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. our top story, terror in boston. a couple of explosions going off during the marathon. >> counterterrorism officials tell nbc news that multiple explosive devices were found timed to go off at the height of the marathon. we're expecting to hear from the president at 6:10 in just a few minutes. d.c.'s mayor and police chief -- police officials are also holding a news conference shortly. we will have live coverage of both. first news4's aaron gilchrist has the latest on what we know right now from our live desk. >> let me start with this talk about a potential suspect in this case. we have been reporting earlier from nbc news that officials in boston are guarding a wounded man at a boston hospital as a, quote, possible suspect. the commissioner in boston saying no one is in custody per se and they are questioning several people. one of our reporters in bosto
in northeast d.c. it began yesterday afternoon around 1:30 at a home in the 100 block of 50th street northeast. a 93-year-old woman and a 58- year-old man were injured in the fire. both remain hospitalized in critical condition. a cat was killed in that same blaze. a second cat and dog were rescued. >>> a man hit by a metro train at the rosslyn station yesterday morning is expected to recover. metro officials say the man intentionally walked on to the tracks. the train operator saw him, stomped on the brakes but still hit the man. the incident delayed trains on the orange and blue lines for two hours yesterday but again the man is supposed to recover. >>> 6:05. time for the latest your money segment. >> jessica is here. it is tax day. >> that's right. the clock is ticking down. just a few more hours to get the taxes done, stamped or submitted by 11:59 p.m. so a couple of thoughts in the final stretch. can you race to the post office right before midnight and still make the deadline? it really depends on your post office. today some will keep regular hours. some will close at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m.
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